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Facilities inventory

The inventory of state-owned and leased facilities by state agencies represents a significant financial investment by the citizens of Washington state. As a result, RCW 43.82.150 requires an annual inventory of state-owned and leased facilities. This report is commonly referred to as the Facilities Inventory System (FIS).

The FIS report is one of several sources of information that support OFM’s responsibilities for leased and owned facilities. Other examples include capital and operating budget development, six-year strategic facilities planning, and various facilities oversight analysis and reporting functions. The FIS report serves as Washington state’s primary facilities database.

Annual FIS reports summarizing the information contained in the inventory will be published by October 1 of each year and submitted to the appropriate fiscal committees of the Legislature.

2017 Facilities Inventory

Adding a record to the Facilities Inventory

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) now requires state agencies to assign a position to a facility.  Contact your agency's facilities inventory resource to add new facilities to the HRMS system through the state’s Facilities Portfolio Management Tool as needed.

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