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MyPortal – edit home page

Use this procedure to add customized groups to the Home Page.

Step 1

Click the Profile icon and select Edit Home Page from the dropdown.

Home page with Profile dropdown menu, Edit Home Page icon highlighted

Step 2

Click Add Group.

Home page with Add Group buttons highlighted

Step 3

Enter a Group Name.

Home page with Group name textbox highlighted

Step 4

Drag tiles onto the plus sign box in the new group or click the plus sign in the new group to add tiles using the App Finder. Click Close when all tiles have been added.

Home page with new tile highlighted

Your changes will be saved and you will return to the Home Page where the new group and tiles will be displayed.

Home page with new tile

Depending on the Home Page layout setting referenced in the MyPortal – Settings – Home Page user procedure, your Home Page layout will display in two different ways.

If Show all content is selected, your Home Page will display all links and tiles together on the Home Page.

Home page with group tab highlighted

If Show one group at a time is selected, your Home Page will display links and tiles in their respective groups. You can click on the group tabs to display group contents.

Step 5

You can change the title and subtitle of a tile by clicking the ellipses and selecting Edit Tile Information.

Home page with Edit Tile Information button highlighted

Enter the tile’s new Title and/or Subtitle and click OK.

Tile Information screen with title, sub-title text boxes and OK button highlighted

Your tile’s new Title and Subtitle will be displayed on the MyPortal Home Page.

Home page with new tile highlighted

You can reset any changes you have made to the tiles in a group by clicking the Reset button. In the example below, the default My Communication Data tile has been renamed to “Sara’s Email”.

Home page with new tile and reset button highlighted

At the confirmation box asking if you’re sure you want to reset the group, click Reset again.

Reset screen with Reset button highlighted

The tiles will return to their default values.

Home page with new tile highlighted

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