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MyPortal – settings – user activities

Use this procedure to manage User Activities settings.

Step 1

Click the Profile icon and select Settings from the dropdown.

Home screen with Profile dropdown menu, Settings icon highlighted

Step 2

Click User Activities and change “Track my recent activity and frequently used apps” to Yes or No. The default setting is YES.

Settings screen with User Activities tab highlighted

If Yes is selected, Recent Activities and Frequently used apps will display in the dropdown selection under the profile icon.

Profile dropdown menu with Recent Activities and Frequently Used icons highlighted

Step 3

To clear the list of recent activity and frequently used apps, click the Clear button on the “Clear my history” option of the User Activities tab – this action cannot be undone.

User Activities screen with Clear button highlitghted

Step 4

Click Save to apply changes to the User Activities settings or Cancel. Note: You cannot cancel changes to the Clear my history option once you click the Clear button.

User Activities screen with Save and Cancel buttons highlighted

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