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MyPortal – settings – home page

Use this procedure to manage the Home Page settings.

Step 1

Click the Profile icon and select Settings from the dropdown.

Home screen with Profile dropdown menu with Settings icon highlighted

Step 2

Click Home Page to choose how you want to display your links and tiles on the MyPortal Home Page.

Settings screen with Home Page tab, Home Page Display option highlighted

Show all content will display all links and tiles together on the Home Page.

Home screen with all tiles in My HR Apps highlighted

Show one group at a time will display links and tiles in their respective groups. You can click on the group tabs to display group contents.

Home page screen with My HR Apps tiles group highlighted

MyPortal currently has one group – MyHR Apps.  You can create your own groups and organize your links and tiles within those groups. See MyPortal – Edit Home Page for more information on creating groups.

Step 3

Click Save to apply changes to the Home Page settings or Cancel. You will be returned to the Home Page.

Settings screen in Home page tab and Save and Cancel buttons highlighted

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