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MyPortal – settings – appearance

Use this procedure to manage Appearance settings.

Step 1

Click the Profile icon and click on Settings.

Home screen with Profile dropdown menu with Settings icon highlighted

Step 2

Click Appearance and select Theme (this is the default selection). Select a new display theme.

Settings screen with Appearance tab highlighted

The default theme is SAP Belize.

The system allows for users to customize the look and feel, including several high contrast themes that may assist with accessibility.

You have the option to save your theme setting by clicking the Save button.

Settings screen with Appearance and Theme tabs highlighted

Step 3

Click Display Settings to turn optimization for touch input on or off.

Settings screen with Appearance, Display settings tab and Animation option highlighted

Step 4

Click Save to apply Appearance settings or Cancel. You will be returned to the Home Page.

Settings screen - Appearance with Save and Cancel buttons highlighted


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