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MyPortal - display tax forms

Use this procedure to display your Form W-2. Note: The look and feel of the Form W-2 may differ depending on the selected browser.

While you may encounter references to Forms W-2c in system messages, Forms W-2c are not available in MyPortal. Please contact your agency payroll office for Form W-2c questions.

step 1

Click the My Tax Forms tile.

Forms W-2 are displayed in PDF (portable document format).

Forms W-2 can be printed using standard print functionality.

Screen shot of My Tax Forms tile with text "View my tax forms"

You will see the first section titled Filter for Available Online Forms W-2.

Screen shot of Online Forms W-2 with Filter for Available Online Forms W-2 highlighted

The Help Center and Quick Help features are enabled but not activated. Please continue to refer to the User Procedures located on the MyPortal systems page for MyPortal questions.

Screen shot of Help Center dropdown items

If a section is hidden, follow these steps to restore hidden screen elements:

1. Right click in banner area of the hidden section to bring up User Settings

2. Select Invisible Elements

Screen shot of Online Forms W-2 with User Settings and Invisible Elements menu items highlighted

3. Select ‘Restore ‘Filter for Available Online Fo…’

Screen shot of Hidden Screen Elements drop down with "Restore Filter for Available Online Form" highlighted


Enter filter data and select Go.

Note: The filter data will default to the most current year the Form W-2 was generated. Tax Company Name is the agency name on the Form W-2 - it is recommended this field be left blank to ensure all Forms W-2 will be displayed if you worked in multiple agencies over the tax year.

Screen shot of Online Forms W-2 with Year, Tax Company Name fields and Go button highlighted

If invalid data is entered, you will receive an error message on the bottom left of the screen:

screen shot of error message about record not exist

The results will be displayed in the Search Results for Online Forms W-2 section.

Screen shot of Online Form @-2 with Search results section highlighted


Click on the checkbox of a row to select the Form(s) W-2 and click the Display button at the top of the table.

screen shot of Online Forms W-2 with selected record and Display button highlighted

Click in the box to the left of Tax Company Name in table header to ‘select all’ or ‘deselect all’

Your selected Form(s) W-2 will be displayed within the Display W-2 section.  You can scroll, print, download, or zoom in on your Form W-2 using the standard toolbar functionality of your document.

Screen shot of display W-2 page with w-2in PDF format

The Hide button located in section header will remove W-2 from display. To display W-2 again, select Display in the Search Results for Online Forms W-2 section.  

Screen shot of Display W-2 page with Hide button highlighted

Screen shot of Search results for Online Forms W-2 page with selected record and display button highlighted

The Previous Form and Next Form in section header will be enabled if there is more than one page of the W-2.

Screen shot of Display W-2 page with Previous and Next button higlighted

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