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MyPortal - manage my planned substitutes

Use this procedure to assign a Substitute for a specific period of time. Planned Substitutes will automatically receive your employee leave and/or MWE requests in their My Inbox for the specified period of time.

Step 1

Click the My Inbox tile from your home page or My Inbox tab.

MyPortal page with My inbox tile highlighted

The number displayed on the My Inbox tile indicates the number of items that require action.

Step 2

Click on your profile icon while you are in My Inbox and select Manage My Substitutes from the dropdown.

Profile dropdown menu with Manage My Substitutes icon highlighted

Step 3

Click the Planned option.

Manage My Substitutes window with Planned icon highlighted

The Planned option will be the default.

Step 4

Click Add New Substitute.

Manage My Substitutes window with Add new substitute button highlighted

Step 5

Enter the name of the Supervisor/Manager you will be assigning as a Substitute in the search box and click the Search icon. Select the name of the Supervisor/Manager from the list.

Note: You can enter * in the search window to see all available Substitutes.

Substitutes window with name field highlighted

You can only assign a Substitute who is your direct Supervisor/Manager or above on the organizational hierarchy structure.

The person at the top of the organizational hierarchy structure will not be able to assign a Substitute.

If you do not see an expected Substitute in the options, please contact your agency’s Human Resources Office.

Step 6

Select All Task Groups on the Choose Task Group pop-up.

Choose Task Group pop-up window with inbox tab highlighted

All Task Groups must be selected. Selecting any selection other than All Task Groups will result in the Substitute not receiving either the email or the leave and/or MWE requests. If a Task Group has been set up incorrectly, the Substitute must be deleted and a new Substitute created.

Step 7

Select the effective date(s) of the Substitution Period on the calendar and click Save.

Choose Substitution Period window with date range in calendar and save button highlighted

You will return to the Manage My Substitutes page and your Substitute will be displayed in the list. This ensures your assigned Substitute may approve/reject your employee leave requests while you are away.

Manage My Substitutes window window with substitute name highlighted

To set up a one day substitution with a start and end date on the same day, click on the start date two times.

Substitutes display as Active when the Substitution period is in effect.

Substitutes display as Inactive when the Substitution period is not in effect.

Substitutes and the original Supervisor/Manager will receive employee requests in their My Inbox.

Substitute and original supervisor/manager will receive email notification for pending requests if All Task Groups is selected in the substitution Task Group.

The Substitute will see that the request in their My Inbox is “On behalf Of” the original Supervisor/Manager.

For agencies using MyPortal for leave requests:  an employee can use the Request Overview section in the My Leave Requests tile to display the name of who approved/rejected their request.

Step 8

To delete a Substitute, click the row of the Substitute that you want to delete and click the Delete button.

Note: The Planned Substitution will expire on the date specified and no other action is required from the Supervisor/Manager or the Substitute.

Manage My Substitutes window with substitute name highlighted

Step 9

A Delete Rule pop-up will display that says, “Are you sure you want to delete this rule?” with the options OK or Cancel. Click OK.

Delete Rule pop-up window with OK button highlighted

Step 10

You will return to the Manage My Substitutes section with a message “Substitution rule deleted”. Click the back button to exit.

Manage My Substitute window with Substitution Rule deleted message highlighted

If you are a Supervisor who has changed positions and you are still in an approver role, you will have to add new Substitutes that are part of your new position’s Organizational Unit Hierarchy. Substitutes are removed when an employee changes positions or separates from state service.

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